torsdag 1. januar 2009

The Ghost of Xmas Past

Well now we’re finished with the idiotic revelling in consumerist overindulgence, based on the thin excuse of the birthday of an, as it were, man god, who had he ever existed as a real human being (basically no valid historical evidence for this alas) was by all the biblical (you know that book written several thousand years ago to convince a wandering Bronze age tribe in North Africa and Asia Minor that they were the top dogs/chosen people) references born in March.
Luckily for us Pope Julius 1, in the fourth century AD (400 years after a probably fictitious person) decided that the date would be 25 December. This was an attempt to reign in the pagans who insisted on the continued celebration of heathen religious festivals such as Saturnalia around the date of the mid winter solstice.

Religion is the worst thought system we humans have, it in no way represents knowledge. Atheism and religion are not two equal but different philosophies of life meriting equal respect.

The former stands for the removal of superstition allowing one to remain with a foundation of valid knowledge to build ones understanding on, the latter stands for obfuscation and the nurturing of ignorance.

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