fredag 7. november 2008

Pope John Paul is dead!

This poem celebrates one of the biggest frauds of the last century (in a long line from St. Peter of Alzheimer [No, I don’t know him], through Bacons' Innocent X, to the slimey RATzinger).
Some thoughts while waiting for the white smoke to creep upwards over the roof of the Sistine Chapel:
Pope John Paul is dead! So what!!
And his succsessor:
A Black Pope,
An American Pope,
A Black, American Pope,
A Pedofile Pope,
A Black, American Pedofile Pope,
A Pinochet Pope,
A Videla, a Lucas Garcia, a Ferdinand and Imelda Pope,
A Muslim Pope,
A Homosexual Pope,
A Homosexual, Muslim Pope,
A Woman Pope (another one),
An Unborn Child Pope,
A Peoples Pope,
A Pope to eradicate hunger,
A Hungry Pope,
An Angry Pope,
A Voice for the voiceless Pope,
A Voiceless Pope,
A Deaf, Dum and Blind Pope,
A strawberry flavoured condom Pope,
A Soap on the rope Pope,
A soap opera Pope (well at least a two part mini-series on CBS network )
A Monster, Raving Looney Pope,
Or just a.......
So what Pope!!

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