lørdag 19. februar 2011

The Day My Heart Stopped Beating

The day my heart stopped beating

This week I lost a day of my life.

Gone, a whole day, not there, nonexistent.

No tunnel of light, no angels, no floating above looking down.

Just gone, not there.

Almost echoing Epicurus;

"So death, the most dreaded of evils, is nothing to us,

because when we exist, death is not present,

and when death is present, we do not exist."


But I returned, resurected....hardly!

Just came back, minus one day.

Patched together information,

Enough to partially fill the gap:

Two ambulances and a helicopter,

The heroic efforts of a car body repair workshop employee

to hold life in me.

The cardioshock treatment and the hospital emergency team.


Life hangs by a slender thread,

Luck, chance, situation; though hardly fate,

Decides the outcome.

I lost one day, it could have been all days.

Now I must cherish those remaining.

I’ve learned at least what not being there entails:

It entails not being there.

I’m here now, lets go on.......

19 February 2011

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