lørdag 25. oktober 2008

The coalition of death

George W. Bush lands on the USS Abraham Lincoln to declare victory in Iraq.

The coalition of death
The B52’s, rise in clumsy grace from the misty plains of southern England,
Pregnant with death,
Six hours away from giving birth to their bastard children.

Fathered by the loins of the powers that be,
These motherless children rain down upon the innocent,
Spreading their destruction, death, suffering.

Children torn from the rubble,
Tiny crushed and broken limbs,
Faces distorted with pain.

Pulverized skin and bone,
The smell of burning flesh intoxicates,
The impatience of vultures and maggots.

And the powers that be, Fathers to be,
In their White Houses and Streets of Down,
Await the announcement of the birth.

Lights pierce the evening sky,
The mothers of death return with vacant wombs,
And the fathers stand proud and applaud their newborn sons.

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